Get Started - Instructions

This page is a quick overview of how Medboard works.

There are 2 parts to Medboard:

Using the site

To access the site go to:

You can access it on any device with a web browser and it should format itself to fit on any screen (eg your smartphones)

To make best use of the site you need to register. You can do this here

When registering please complete all the boxes except the Access Key.

The Default Hospital box should be completed to match your placement block.

For example, if you are starting Oncology at the Royal Glamorgan hospital select “RGL – Oncology”.

Abbreviations are occasionally used for hospital names.


Once you are registered go to Browse to see what sessions are available.

You will be shown the sessions related to your block by default if you are logged in.

The dropdown box will let you change the view to see other blocks if you want.

In the table you will see a different session list on each row.

By default, 10 sessions will be shown on each page, but you can change that using the dropdown. To search for something specific, use the search box.

Each session has the following attributes:

My Sessions

This can be found here

It will let show you 2 tables